Easy Customer Relationship Management


MaxCustomer CRM Features
MaxCustomer CRM is dedicated to provide effective solutions to assist businesses like yours in handling your customer relationships and sales. It is aimed at helping you grow your sales and revenues as it moves every lead through the sales funnel. 

We offer the following features that suit your business well. MaxCustomer will also incorporate more features in the future that would attend to your specific needs.
I. MaxCustomer CRM - Marketing Features
Feature Description

Use Own Logo

You can use your own company logo to properly promote your products/services and improve branding.

II. MaxCustomer CRM - Sales and Analytics Features
Feature Description

Visitor Tracking

You can monitor visitors that look into your website, capturing basic details as name, email address and location which can be converted as leads.


Access CRM application on your Android or iOS device wherever you are and get the latest information.

Leads Management

Have an ability to record call queries, gather information about the lead, make follow up and convert leads to opportunities and new customers.


Generate output and extract data using a set of standard reports available in the system. Has a built-in Report Designer for easy report generation.


Get quick and graphical output of important information about your sales, customers and prospects.


Have the ability to import/export Excel/CSV data.

III. MaxCustomer CRM - Productivity and Workflow Features
Feature Description


Manage emails in one place to help improve team performance and workload.

Manage Customer Account

Use the Customer area to centralize all customer related information and to easily access and process. Keep notes and documents related to a customer here.

Google Apps Integration via Single Sign-On

Directly login to the application using your Google Sign-on for easy access without remembering another password.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Extra layer of security.

Protects your account by making it more difficult for an attacker to access.

This 2FA requires two pieces of evidence to confirm your identity.

Protection against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks and secures your data from attackers.


Add members of your organization as users and assign administrators, managers, team leads and agents to the system. Assign them roles and access with desired privileges to access your resources or just plainly add them to your employee record and track their sales and performance.

Role Based Security

Delegate security levels within your organization by assigning credentials that match specific roles and given respective privileges to access certain resources only.


Interact and engage with team members to enhance workflow and productivity. Get all team members to connect and share thoughts and ideas in a single portal.

Sales Funnel

Filter by individual sales representative.


Calendar allows the day-based management of tasks

Documents Storage

Documents can be stored and can be linked to customer, contact or opportunities. Documents can be of any format.