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About us

MaxCustomer is a smart CRM solution developed by CellarStone, Inc. It is designed to support all types of businesses of all sizes. 

It has its sister products such as QCommission,  Easy-Commission, QXchange,  and MaxBlox, which provide solutions for sales and commissions, and application development.

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QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software. It calculates your sales people’s compensation accurately and reduces errors related to spreadsheets and manual methods.

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Easy-Commission is a simple and flexible sales commission software that's easy to use and cost effective to implement. 

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QXchange is a flexible, easy to use, data integration software that supports MS Access, Excel, Comma delimited flat file, MS SQL Server, MySQL, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics GP, Sage, Salesforce, and others.

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MaxBlox is a complete PaaS application development platform. It has a powerful set of tools which gives users the ability to build applications that operate over the web.

History of CellarStone, Inc.

CellarStone, Inc was established in 2000 by founders Gopi Mattel and Del Yamaki. The company specializes in sales commissions and incentive compensations software and solutions. They were the same founders who developed Motiva, Inc which was acquired by Siebel in 2003.

Mission and Philosophy 

As a company, CellarStone, Inc believes that all businesses, regardless of size and status, deserve the right tool and solution to help their organization achieve its full sales potential. Hence, our mission is to bring top-notch sales and commission solutions to meet the needs of our clients. With pioneering experience in this field, we see limitless possibilities and endless boundaries of our products, opening new doors for partnership and integration with some of the large companies in the market.

We are proud to be in partnership with the following reputable companies:

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